Types of psychics

People have been enthralled with psychics for millennies. They assert to have unique capacity to see things that are invisible to the unaided human eye. Numerous techniques are used by different psychics to establish communication with the invisible world. The primary psychical categories and their duties are examined in this article.


Psychics known as clairvoyants perceive things outside of the material world. Meaning “clear seeing,” the word “clairvoyant” Others are unable to perceive symbols, visions, or images as these psychics can. The past, present, or future may all be visible to them. Better understanding of life circumstances is a common use of clairvoyants’ abilities.


Mediums are psychics that have communication with spirits. Between the living and the dead, they function as a bridge. Spirits or deceased loved ones can communicate with mediums. Many times, these messages offer people looking for closure consolation or direction. In order to interact with spirits living there, mediums may also work in haunted places.


Feelings of both physical and emotional nature are possible forclairsentients. Clairsentient is an adjective meaning “clear feeling.” These psychics have distant sense of other people’s emotions. They might detect the presence of a spirit or the bodily suffering of another person. Many times,clairsentients use their gift to help others emotionally.


Psychics known as clairaudients are able to hear messages from the spirit world. In French, “clairaudient” is “clear hearing.” Others are unable to hear voices, sounds, or music like these psychics can. The communications may originate with angels, spirits, or other entities. Clairaudients make frequent use of their capacity for advice and information transmission.


One who is clear-cognizant has the gift of “clear knowing.” Strong inner knowledge or intuition characterizes these psychics. They are given information devoid of any tangible proof. Things about a person or circumstance may come to clear to claircognizants out of the blue. They lead both themselves and other people by their intuition.

Tarot Readers

Tarot readers consult tarot cards to learn about a person. The 78 cards in a tarot deck have individual meanings and symbols. These cards are interpreted by tarot readers to offer direction on a number of life topics, including love, work, and personal development. Many times, they improve the reading by using their intuition.


Astrologers research how the heavenly bodies move and are positioned. They hold that these heavenly patterns affect events and human behavior. Astrologers can shed light on a person’s personality and course in life by drawing up and examining a birth chart. Astrological readings may provide direction on decisions and future events.


Analysts of hand lines and shapes are called palmists, sometimes referred to as palm readers. They hold that a person’s life and personality are revealed by their hands. Palmists can read into a person’s past, present, and future by measuring the length, depth, and patterns of lines on their palms.


Researchers of the meaning of numbers are called numerologists. They hold that numbers have particular meanings, particularly those found in a person’s name and birthdate. Numerologists examine these numbers to gain understanding of a person’s destiny, character, and life path. Numerology can provide direction for both future events and personal choices.

Aura Readers

The colours of an aura can be seen and interpreted by aura readers. An aura is the body’s encircling energy field. Numerous facets of a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state are represented by different colors in the aura. Aura readers use their skills to offer perceptions into a person’s general well-being, emotions, and health.


Psychometrists can read information off of objects. They hold that things can retain the energy of the people who own them. Psychometrists can learn about the owner of an object just by holding or touching it. Impressions can be of people, things, or feelings.

Animal Communicators

Known by another name, pet psychics, animal communicators are able to communicate with animals. They hold that humans are capable of comprehending the emotions and thoughts of animals. Animal communicators use their skill to improve pet owners’ understanding of their animals. They may offer information about the health, emotional, and behavioral states of an animal.

Angel Readers

Angel readers speak with angels to get direction. They hold that angels are wise and protective spiritual beings. Angel readers frequently take messages from angels using angel cards or other instruments. These messages can be reassuring, instructive, and helpful in many spheres of life.

Dream Interpreters

Dream interpreters decipher buried meanings in dreams through analysis. They hold that dreams are communications from the spiritual or subconscious domains. These psychics offer perceptions into a person’s feelings, fears, and desires by deciphering symbols and events in dreams. Better understanding of oneself can be achieved through dream interpretation.

Rune Readers

Runes are old alphabetic symbols used by rune readers to get understanding. Every rune carries particular meaning and importance. Rune readers cast or sketch runes, then decipher their positions and meanings. Runes are used to offer direction on decisions, personal matters, and upcoming events.


Channelers let spirits or other entities speak through them. For direct message reception, they go into a trance-like condition. Many times, channelers give minute details straight from the spiritual world. They may speak with angels, spirit guides, or other non-physical entities.

Intuitive Healers

The psychic powers of intuitive healers are applied to advance healing. They may pick up on bodily imbalances or blockages of energy. Many times, intuitive healers blend their skills with other healing modalities including energy healing or Reiki. They want to encourage spiritual, emotional, and physical health and balance.

Remote Viewers

A remote viewer can see far-off or hidden locations. Beyond their physical reach, they perceive places, things, or events using their minds. Among the many uses for remote viewing are finding lost things or people and learning about far-off happenings.


Known by another name, telekinetics, psychokinetics is the ability to move objects mentally. Rare and frequently depicted in fiction is this talent. Still, a few psychics assert to possess this ability. Psychokinetics is the application of mental concentration and energy to affect the physical environment.


Psychics are many and have different skills. By a number of means, they provide advice and insights. People come to psychics to communicate with the unseen world whether they are looking for answers, comfort, or clarity. Finding the best psychic for your needs can be aided by knowledge of the several kinds of psychics. Every kind offers a different approach to investigate the secrets of life.